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When it comes to setting priorities typically people take two approaches.

Both of these approaches are just complete bullshit, and you usually end up wasting a ton of time. This happens because you are either fooling yourself, or your top priority isn’t optimal.

Quit Fooling Yourself With Your ”Top Priority”

This happens whenever you tell yourself that your business, health, or whatever it may be is your top priority, yet you don’t put in the time.

If you claim that something is your top priority, yet you don’t put in the time towards that priority then you are fooling yourself.

Let’s just say that health and fitness is your top priority in this moment well if that is true then you should be putting in the time watching what you eat, exercise more often, and maybe even counting calories. But if instead you are just sitting down watching tv all day, and not putting in any (or hardly any) time into actually getting fit, losing weight, or whatever it may be then once again you are fooling yourself.

The thing about it that this is a trap that anyone can easily fall into.

It’s easy to say that ”oh my health, my business, my relationships are my top priority,” and then end up spending more time watching tv as opposed to actually working on your ”top priorities.”

There is no good excuse for doing this.

Realize that you are digging a hole for yourself, and then fix it. If you don’t you can easily waste years of your life telling yourself that ”health is my top priority,” yet you never get results because you are not putting in the time.

My Cellphone Is My Top Priority

Usually when I see people whose priority really and truly shouldn’t be their top priority it’s usually over something stupid like their cellphone, or the ”next big thing/the new shiny electronic thing.”

With this example I usually see it in people who for the most part don’t have the money to be going out and buying the next must have phone every two years.

In fact it’s usually people who should be saving up money, or putting other bills as a higher priority than getting some new piece of tech (or whatever it is).

This priority is just ridiculous there is fooling yourself into thinking that something good for you, and then not delivering on that priority.

Then there is this…

Also sadly I see this more often than the other priority people just setting something stupid as their top priority.

Keep in mind that these are of course my own opinions if setting your cell phone or whatever as your top priority works for you then that’s wonderful.

This is just something that I usually see in people who really and truly should be saving their money, or putting it towards other bills that they have to pay. (I’m not advocating not buying things that you want, or making them short-term priorities, but as with anything else it can be over done).

Scott Reynolds



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