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Making Your Problems Bigger Then They Really Are.

Something that I’ve noticed in myself and in other people is that we over exaggerate our problems.

We take something small and make it big. We convince ourselves that our problem isn’t small that the problem is big, and that the problem is unique.

In reality though often times the problem isn’t even really that big of a problem also on top of that there are plenty of people out there going through the same shit often times even in worse positions than what we are in.


There are many reasons as to why we would do this. One reason would be our egos.

Your ego just can’t handle the fact that you have a small problem it has to be a big and unique problem it can’t just be some normal problem that normal people have.

”I’m Scott Reynolds I can’t have a little problems my problems have to be big just like me.”

Other reasons could be caused from fear, other people influencing you, along with many others.

Fear is a big one it’s easy to give yourself an excuse saying that you’re not old enough, too old, even though in reality that’s just an excuse.

This is also something that we could have picked up from others like our parents. As children (even as adults) we see them over reacting to small problems and we pick up on it and start to do it ourselves (maybe even do the opposite since we noticed what they were doing). That is more of a social conditioning aspect as to why this would happen.

One of the main reasons to be aware of social conditioning is how it impacts us. All of this shit is in your head, and the point of all this is to constantly improve and undue the conditioning that’s no long supporting you.

I’m Writing This Post Because…

I decided to look at some of my problems, and I found out that many of them weren’t even that big of a deal. The problems were so small, yet I was stressing out over them and letting them control me.

To be fair the problems are somewhat legit just not that legit. They are actual real problems, but not big enough to actually rule that much of your life or stress you out that much.

Many times these problems are actually just excuses to not improve ourselves, and to hide behind our fears allowing little fears to control our lives.

Scott Reynolds


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