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Most of the time our ”excuses” are meaningless they have no true value.

The excuses that we use aren’t legitimate excuses as to why we can’t do something, but rather excuses to be lazy and do nothing.

I find myself using excuses to mainly to procrastinate on doing something that needs to be done, and that I’ll have to do either way it goes (so why post-pone it?).

Seeing Our Excuses For What They Really Are

Once you become aware of your own BS excuses it becomes easier to realize when you are making illegitimate excuses.

Everyone has heard someone give some lame excuse that goes something like this “Oh I can’t help you with that I got to do (fill in the blank) tomorrow. Even though in reality you know that 80% of their day is going to be them doing nothing.

Which there is no need to focus on other people’s excuses, but rather your own.

Whether it be an excuse to not go to the gym, to get some work done, start a diet, or whatever it may be.

Just realize that most of the excuses that we make up for ourselves are just complete bull shit. If you make an excuse up to not go to the gym/workout, yet you watch tv for 3 hours a day then you are bullshitting yourself, and may need to take a look at your priorities.

Are Excuses Ever Legit?

There are some legit excuses out there, but 99% of the time this isn’t the case. Especially if we compare the excuse to what would happen if you went at the ”problem” with all you had going all in 100%.

Otherwise most somewhat legit excuses are in a way half legit (really don’t want to waste too much time on this since its common sense).

For example: I didn’t get to work on time today because I slept trough my alarm. If this happens, and you just didn’t wake up from your alarm then that is a legit excuse, but if you went at this with all you had then you would have set more alarms, or would have had your sleep schedule set up in a way in which that wouldn’t happen.

For the most part excuses in your day-to-day life especially when it comes to your health, business, and relationships just have no substance they are empty excuses that are meaningless.

-Scott Reynolds



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