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Don’t Let Introversion Hold You Back

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So many people who fall more on the side of being introverted tend to let their introversion hold them back.

Which our society doesn’t help since they usually put extroverted qualities on a pedestal (out going, social, team player, team work, etc). Just because society tends to praise these qualities doesn’t mean that being introverted is necessarily a bad thing.

A simple Google search will show that there are successful introverts and even celebrities.

Personal Experience

This post is mostly going to be for introverts, but I don’t see how an extrovert couldn’t benefit from this material. Also the reason why this is going to be mostly about introversion is because I tend to be more introverted rather than extroverted.

My automatic default tends to lean more towards being an introvert, but by not letting this idea of ”oh you are an introvert that means that you can’t be social like an extrovert” I used to let this idea somewhat hold me back, and I see this idea holding other people back at the same time.

The thing about Introversion and extraversion is that it’s an idea that when I first heard about it I already knew that I was an Introvert, and that idea held me back. Which is why I had to drop that idea, and just not really focus on it at all.

I’m aware that my default is more Introversion, but that doesn’t mean that in certain social situations I can’t be more extroverted.

Flipping A Light Switch

I view Introversion and Extroversion as a light switch. It’s just that flipping the Extroversion switch on is harder than the Introversion switch which is automatic (this would be reversed for someone who is an extrovert).

That’s the idea in a nut shell I know it might seem kind of out there, and I’ve also tested it so it’s not some random theory that I haven’t tested out for myself.

The first time I applied this theory was while I was working at a job. I was a dish washer and would also put food on the trays (or call out the orders). Either way my colleagues were very social, but I wasn’t very social because I’m a little introvert.

Either way I got this idea from reading a Osho book (I believe that’s where I got it from might have tweaked it some not 100% sure don’t quote me) he said something along the line of introversion and extroversion is a switch that you can turn on or off.

I decided to test this out for myself while at work. What I found out is that first off it’s pretty damn hard to flip the switch, but with time I was able to do it. The result was me being full on extroverted while at work (I’ll go into more detail later on with some other reasons as to why this result happened) and when I say full on I mean starting conversations, talking constantly, and increased social confidence.

This was very interesting, but to be fair it might have more to do with just making an effort to not hold myself back in social situations that caused these results. Also this is something that I’ve tried in other areas of my life the most effective example is the one above probably because it was something that I did on a daily basis.

Social Muscles And Other Reasons How This Happened

Now I would first like to give some credit to the idea of not letting these ideas hold you back I believe that is one of the biggest takeaways to not letting introversion, or extroversion hold you back.

There are many other factors as to how my results could have changed. Honestly have never been able to get results like this while being sober unless I’ve been in social situations often (my day-to-day life is usually not very social). Meaning that just being around people more often contributes to being more extroverted than being purely introverted (assuming that you are making an effort to socialize).

Also after experimenting with this I believe that I am more extroverted than I previously believed (still leaning more towards introversion, but there is a more social side in me as well).

Which Social Conditioning will also play a role in all of this.

My views on Introversion and Extroversion is that it doesn’t really matter. It’s an interesting idea something to be aware of, but not something to take to heart/label yourself with. Sure I’m more Introverted than Extroverted, but this idea used to cause more harm than good (wanting to be that extroverted social guy). Then again this is the real world meaning that you can learn how to be more social. You can make an effort to actually learn how to socialize with people.


Either way I wouldn’t let the idea of introversion and extroversion hold you back. It’s something to be aware of, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t flip the switch. It’s not a fact hell the results could be slightly off due to where you are at in life right now. If you actually go out and start to socialize on a daily basis then you might just find out that you are more extroverted than you thought you were, or at least change your ideas about extroversion vs introversion.

With me personally whenever I’m in a social situation for too long I get tired of it and want to be alone. It’s perfectly okay sometimes I don’t want to socialize and wont socialize.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments section down below.

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-Scott Reynolds

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