What Is Social Conditioning?

Social Conditioning is something that we learn from other people including our parents, the media, and teachers.

To make this simple social conditioning is ”external beliefs.” For example the media saying that this is beautiful and this is ugly. When you are told this on a constant basis and so many people believe in it then you start to believe in it also.

During childhood the child has no knowledge, so whenever the parents or anyone else tells the child something the child believes it. To the child what the parent says must be true, but they have been conditioned also.

As you can probably tell social conditioning is going to happen no matter what, and that it is also necessary to a certain point.

Why Should Anyone Care About Social Conditioning?

The main reason why anyone should care about social conditioning is because of the impact it has on you and the ones you love.

As stated above ”this is beautiful and this is ugly.” If you are told that looking like this is beautiful and perfect, yet you look nothing like this then well that could easily wreak havoc on your self-confidence (assuming that you believe in what you are told).

Social conditioning creates entitlement which is feeling like you are entitled to something. If a boy is born and he ends up hitting the genetic jackpot, and ends up being tall, handsome, and generally more athletic than other boys then as he grows up he will feel more entitled to getting beautiful women. Then you get the boy who grows up not having any of that then as he gets older he starts to get that, yet he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for a beautiful woman.

That’s just a very basic example and it can go either way. There are also other factors that come into play of course. This is just a basic example.

Social Conditioning, Happiness, and Personal Development

A lot of personal problems can be fixed by changing your beliefs. Which is as simple as changing beliefs that were given to you from social conditioning.

There are of course many techniques to changing your beliefs such as affirmations, or just simply proving to yourself that this is false.

The thing about social conditioning is that often times it prevents us from having fun. Just look at a child and how happy they are then as they get older they are unhappy. The society can’t have you as an adult running around being loud, and doing whatever you want to do. Machines don’t work like that.

Reversing social conditioning is basically personal development. If you view yourself as ugly since you don’t look like someone on a magazine then you change that.

What I want to do is bring awareness to what is happening because social conditioning can really mess you up. We need to find out what we believe in for ourselves, and to stop believing in what doesn’t work for us.

Either way it goes this is just an introduction/about page. If you find any of this interesting then I would suggest for you to check out the other posts :).